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w i n n e r s # 9 3

So I left this comm over a year ago but unfortunately looks like my co-mod hasn't been on eljay since then either so these were never posted... thanks to xmaidelx commenting I thought I'd head on over and actually post these... sorry they're a year late!

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Would anyone actually be interested in me re-opening up this comm?
Buffy (Restless) - "It's A Wonderful Wor

c h a l l e n g e # 9 3

All right so we're gonna do another theme type challenge this week since I couldn't decide on any single episode, so this week's theme is.......

Queen C

So you can enter up to two icons of Cordelia Chase only. It doesn't matter the season or the episode but the icon has to have Cordelia as the main focus. Enter up to two icons in a new post and entries are due by Saturday.

Also, I wanted to thank misstress_tink for allowing me to co-mod here, I love this community and it's awesome that I get to be a bigger part of it, so thank you!